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Welcome to ASD Healthy Life!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your health! 

It can be challenging to implement dietary changes, follow through with specialised therapies and maintain this consistently. Everyday, we are faced with setbacks that can potentially deflate us and kill our momentum. 

Our goal is to cultivate a continual state of inspiration, as this truly is the foundation for heightened productivity, clarity in decision-making and even outer success.

By allowing the obstacles we face to ‘win’, we settle for a life that is far beneath our true health potential.  

Contact us to arrange your free 30-minute exploratory phone conversation.  This will give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns, learn more about our services so you can decide whether you would like to work further with us.

Please Note: The FREE 30 MINUTE INITIAL CONSULTS are not a diagnosis, it will not provide advice, nor specific techniques, strategies or therapies.  This is your opportunity to discuss your particular needs face to face, enabling you to determine whether our services support your goals.

We now offer Nutritional Therapy


ASD Healthy Life provides a one-stop-shop for a personalised Integrative Health Plan for you and your children.

As Professionals with first hand experience we know how challenging it is for new families to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  What is wrong?... Where do I go?... How do I start?... Understanding the questions?... What is the science behind it all?...

It can seem very overwhelming.  This is where we come in.... years of training, knowledge and most important of all... first hand experience.  That's why we stand out from the crowd.  

Our role is to provide ongoing support and education to our clients.  We steer you in front of the best of the best Practitioners, Therapists, GP's, Paediatricians etc for your particular needs.  Working alongside these Professionals help not only you (our clients) but also the Professionals.  Investing time with you enables us to pass on vital knowledge streamlining the process.  Allowing our very busy Professionals (who often have massive waiting lists) to put the pieces of the puzzle together more effectively, providing practical tools, support and advice so the families start to see real results faster.  Also enabling Specialists to see more families and change more lives.

By working together, we can discover the long term benefits of combining healthy food and nutritional medicine with behavioural therapy, traditional mainstream and natural therapies that best support you and your particular needs.

We can help you:

• Feel confident in choosing the right Practitioners, Therapists & Educators
   for you and/or child’s development

• Learn about special diets to help with autism, AD/HD, asthma, allergies, 
   bloating, colic, eczema plus much more

• Improve your child’s Picky Eating habits

• Understand your condition better

• Source funding or Government support

• Make your self-care a priority

• Experience an increase in overall happiness in your life

We are experts in integrated health and nutrition coaching and have firsthand experience in recovering the health of our own families

We have been educating and supporting the health of Queensland families since 2009. ASD Healthy Life can guide you to improve or eliminate most symptoms by giving special attention to the food and nutrition families receive, including eliminating harmful toxins/chemicals in the home.

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