At ASD Healthy Life,

we know how challenging it is for individuals and/or families to put the pieces of the puzzle together. 


Do you often ask...

What is wrong?  //  Why is this happening?  //  Where do I go?  //  How do I start?...
What is the science behind it all?...

It can seem very overwhelming.  This is where we come in.... years of training, knowledge and most important of all... first-hand experience.  That's why we stand out from the crowd.  

Our role is to provide ongoing support and education to our clients. We steer you in front of the best of the best Practitioners, Therapists, GP's, Paediatricians etc for your particular needs. Working alongside these Professionals help not only you (our clients) but also the Professionals. Investing time with you enables us to pass on vital knowledge streamlining the process. Allowing our very busy Professionals (who often have massive waiting lists) to put the pieces of the puzzle together more effectively, providing practical tools, support and advice so the families start to see real results faster. Also enabling Specialists to see more families and change more lives.

By working together, we can discover the long term benefits of combining healthy food and nutritional medicine with behavioural therapy, traditional mainstream and natural therapies that best support you, your particular needs and goals.


Founding Director of ASD Healthy Life

- Diploma Holistic Health and Nutrition (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
- MINDD Practitioner  
- Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner
- Trained with Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs
- Autism Coach
- Rhonda has also attended conferences with Dr Walsh and Biobalance Australia. This has covered areas in Environmental medicine, functional neurology, gastroenterology, neuro immunology and biomedical approaches.  Since 2011 Rhonda has been a regular presenter and ambassador for the Mindd Foundation, and Biobalance Australia.

My role is to partner with my clients and their families using a combination of education and advocacy, providing an experience which is unique and individualised. Call it old fashioned - I think it's the future of medicine.

Rhonda’s commitment to supporting families arose after her children and her own health was failing. There were many underlying health & development conditions... Asthma, eczema, seizures, anxiety, food & chemical sensitivities, constant ear, nose & throat infections, digestive issues plus so much more!! With a combination of diet, nutritional medicine, behavioural, main stream and natural therapies, the health & development of the whole family have improved 10 fold.

Rhonda is a Professional with first-hand experience. She's been where you are now. Rhonda’s passion is to provide ongoing support and education to parents on how to naturally recover the health of not only your children but you too.

Rhonda's passion is Holistic Family Health & Development Solutions for each individual to ensure they reach their true potential, regardless of the diagnosis or condition. She provides diet and nutrition intervention guidance backed by scientific research and applied clinical experience.

Rhonda supports families from around the world and collaborates with Paediatricians, doctors, naturopaths and researchers. She presents at leading mental health and autism conferences. Rhonda has a private Health Practice in Woombye, where she currently resides with her husband and children.

Rhonda provides FaceTime, Skype & Phone appointments.

We were extremely lucky to be introduced to Rhonda from ASD Healthy Life through a friend and she has assisted us to get in front of the right practitioners and to have ongoing support on a regular basis to ensure that everything we put in place is working and if not what step next to take. ASD children are all so different and require a very specialised one on one treatment plan and ASD Healthy Life has definitely provided that for our little man and the whole family. We are resurrecting his health one day at a time with the support and guidance of ASD Healthy Life. Our little man is now in a mainstream school, doing very well, loving the school experience, which is something we initially thought, would not be possible for him.

Through the work we are doing for our son with ASD Healthy Life our whole family has benefited our families long term health is in check and is always going to be.
— maree