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As parents we worry about our family.  We want them to be healthy, happy and safe…. 
So when illness strikes, it can be overwhelming and hard to find the answers we’re searching for.

We ask ourselves ‘What do we do? Where do we go? Who can help?
YOU’RE NOT ALONE -  We’re Professionals with firsthand experience…we’ve been where you are now!!!

ASD Healthy Life in Mackay provides integrative health coaching with a focus on families and childhood illness.  Our programs combine diet, nutritional and natural therapies with mainstream medical advice and support. We offer real solutions and provide ongoing support to change lives for the better.  

The real secret is… people are getting better!!  

You may have heard about special diets but you’re unsure of the research.  Maybe you have wondered whether a special diet could help you or your child with autism or aspergers??  Or perhaps you’ve tried it before and you didn’t quite get the results you were looking for??  For parents (especially those of picky eaters), a special diet can seem all too hard. With ongoing support and education you will receive the correct information… you won’t be going in blind.  You will have the facts, the research, the know how to succeed.

Food and nutrition affect the health, learning and behaviour associated with many disorders.
We share the science and clinical application of specialised diets for people around the world. Research is showing that conditions like Autism, Aspergers, PDD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, Learning Difficulties, Allergies, Asthma and Repeated Infections are medically linked by underlying issues of nutritional deficiencies, toxicity and infections. Food is Medicine – learn how to heal the gut and help restore depleted levels of vitamins and minerals unlocking your child’s brain so they can learn.

Each week you will recieve one chapter of the E-Book (6 chapters in total) you will learn how to:

• Set and accomplish goals, explore new foods

• Learn WHY & the science behind it

• What's allowed & what's not, what to expect when starting

• Getting your support systems in place

• Handy guides, cross contamination

• Meal plans, recipes, lunchbox ideas

• Websites/ resources, picky eaters

• Reading labels, nutrient dense foods, health homes & enviroment

• Product discount vouchers

• Supplier info, eating out & party ideas

"I am really grateful, I found the course very informative. I did know a little as I am an avid Googler and have been researching different diets for some time now. However, I was feeling a little overwhelmed as there are so many options,  I think the Program is a really great place to start. It was good to be reminded of some things that I had already read about regarding nutrition and health. It was great to learn some really key things (key for my situation) about the Gut-Brain Connection. I think your program is user-friendly and makes starting out seem easy. It is good to be reminded of sensible things like surrounding yourself with people who support you and taking time to look after yourself and pursue some leisure activities. I found having been pointed in the right direction of the stuff we can have is what really stands out for me: the focus on what you can have, not what you can't have."  - Megan

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