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Welcome to our online e-Book store. We have a range of e-Books available for either immediate download and/or 6 week subscriptions.   The Chapter eBooks, simply subscribe and receive weekly chapters of your chosen e-Book which will be directly delivered to your inbox 1 week apart.

“Easter with Ease” ASD Healthy Life Cooking eBook

Do you or your loved ones have food allergies or sensitivities?... Do you dread Easter because it’s usually all about food?...
Are you looking for ideas and solutions to support special diets? Want to learn how to provide healthy, yummy Easter treats?

Food is Medicine - help the body repair, grow and perform. 
If you want your kids to have a healthy and happy Easter you need to feed them the right foods.

Learn more about nutrition with the ASD Healthy Life “Easter with Ease” Cooking eBook
Enjoy fun filled ideas for the whole family.  Learn exciting new ways to fuel your body with easy Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Sugar Free & Paleo healthy choices… THAT THE KIDS and big kids WILL LOVE! 

Need ideas for Low Salicylate & Amines too, well you’re in luck, ASDHL have you covered. 

27 Pages full of tips, ideas, and strategies for only $4.95

Click here to purchase the e-book. 

ASD Healthy Life Christmas Cookbook

There are yummy, healthy, safe ways to create all your favourite Christmas treats.  Filled with recipes, tips and support to help you with:
Traveling with Allergies / Sensitivities
Travel Snack Ideas
Safe Pantry Items
Here at ASD Healthy Life… we refuse to let a special diet stop you from having fun!  


Learn why diets help children and adults and how to make it work.

Food and nutrition affect the health, learning and behaviour associated with many disorders. We share the science and clinical application of specialised diets for people around the world. Research is showing that conditions like Autism, Aspergers, PDD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, Learning Difficulties, Allergies, Asthma and Repeated Infections are medically linked by underlying issues of nutritional deficiencies, toxicity and infections. Food is Medicine – learn how to heal the gut and help restore depleted levels of vitamins and minerals unlocking your child’s brain so they can learn.


Are you sick of not getting answers for how you’re feeling; bloated, constipation and/or diarrhea, fatigue, skin problems, asthma, brain fog?

We’ve been where you are now – tired, overwhelmed and confused.ASD Healthy Life address the symptoms not just the disease or illness. If you want answers and results then you can’t go past the Gluten & Dairy Free eBook – it just may change your world!