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Dietary intervention is an important part of the Biomedical approach and should be overseen by an experienced practitioner. The practitioner can help you determine which diet is appropriate for the individual depending on gut health, nutrient profile, allergies, food sensitivities, metabolic issues, toxicity and genetic factors.

It is important that dietary intervention be done as part of a total biomedical approach that includes gut healing, supplements and/or detoxification.



Dietary Intervention can optimise cellular health and therefore works to both treat and prevent treat a range of conditions including but not exclusive to;

ADHDAllergiesAnxietyAsthmaAutism, Behaviour, Cancer, Coeliac, Chronic Fatigue,DepressionDiabetes, Digestive Disorders, DyslexiaDyspraxia, Eating Disorder, Eczema,Food Intolerances, Heart Disease, Infections, Learning Delay, Obesity, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Pyroluria, Schizophrenia, Sensory Integration, Speech-Language Delay.



An individualised diet can help improve cellular health by providing more nutrients and eliminating food toxins. From a biomedical viewpoint, cellular health is the core of disease treatment and prevention as it supports all body systems.

Diet can also improve brain function and strengthen the immune system by eliminating foods that a person cannot digest or metabolise.

Dietary Intervention can also help curb or eliminate unfriendly gastro intestinal microbes (virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites, worms) that inhibit digestion of nutrients, strain the immune system and adversely impact on the nervous system and brain.

By addressing the above issues, diet can help improve concentration, behaviour, speech and overall mental and physical health.


Nutrition Plans 

Would you like a comprehensive database of recipes tailored for your particular needs and goals?...

ASDHL can provide you with mobile, easy to use tools to help you adopt and maintain recommended lifestyle interventions.

You can access your nutrition plan immediately from home on your smart device or computer, using your personal login.

Client Nutrition Plans include:
A record of the therapeutic goals of your intervention and specific instructions.
A mobile database of personalised dietary guidelines, disease and lifestyle modification information
An ingredient specific digital cookbook

You can also upload your own health tracking records including documents, videos and text. Uploads may include test results from other providers, food diary records, videos and photo’s documenting your progress, symptoms and reactions.

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