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ASD Healthy Life offers a wide range of events and workshops and those who cannot attend can purchase the Full Course/Workshop content as an E-Book.  Each Class/Chapter will be emailed directly to your inbox each week.  This is yours to keep.  You can start anytime you like and you determine the pace at which you proceed through the eBook, and do not need to complete a Chapter each week.

Autism, Aspergers, Sensory, ADHD, Learning & Developmental Delay

Saturday, 25 February 2017 - 2.45pm to start at 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
Kawana Community HallNanyima Street, Buddina, Sunshine Coast

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Information Session...

  • Would you like to learn how to take control of your family’s health and well-being naturally?
  • Would you like to gain knowledge on how to best support your child's development and education so you can advocate for their particular needs?
  • Would you like to gain techniques for dealing with Sensory, Social & Challenging Behaviours and meltdowns and how to decrease stress
  • Would you like you and your family to reach their true potential?

You have the power to make 2017 your best year yet!

This can be one of the most exciting or the most concerning times of the year! Children heading back to school again or starting school for the first time in just 2 weeks! 


Education for parents, educators and carers.
Learn how Integrative Healthcare that includes diet, nutritional medicine, behavioural, main stream & natural therapies treats the whole person and greatly improve outcomes, reducing their need for antibiotics, antidepressants, puffers and cortisone cream. Gain insight into techniques for dealing with Sensory, Social & Challenging Behaviours and meltdowns and how to decrease stress.

Knowledge is Power – Empower Yourself. 

We are Professionals with firsthand experience (Autism Coach, Certified Health Coach, Special Needs Teacher... both with children on the Autism Spectrum) Our aim is to pass our knowledge onto you, so you become the healer and the best advocate for your child, enabling them to reach their true potential.

We’ve been where you are now – tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and confused.

Gain real knowledge of the why’s and how to make real positive changes NOW!!

So, what are you waiting for? Make 2017 your best year yet! 

Enable your family to reach their true potential. Give them wings to fly! 


Single entry - $10
Buy 10 get 1 free - $100

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Past Events

PALS - Social Skills Program

13th January 2016  |  8.30am - 9.15am  |  ages 3-6
(program runs for 10 x 30 minute sessions)

* Funding Available

Did you know?...
This evidence based workshop can help your child with...
  • Difficulty understanding jokes or humor
  • Difficulty initiating conversation in a natural way
  • Non-traditional play routines
  • Problems joining in others' play
  • Difficulty gauging others' level of interest in a conversation topic
  • May appear aloof or uninterested in others
  • May not respect personal space
  • May say things that appear to be rude or hurtful
  • Difficulty with the traditional give and take of conversation
  • Challenges with taking turns
  • Difficulty interpreting non-verbal social cues
  • Difficulty understanding idioms or common expressions

If your child is...
  • Socially withdrawn?
  • Have difficulty making or keeping friends?
  • Impulsive?
  • Needing help with basic social skills?
...then the PALS Social Skills Program is just for you!

Cost: $600.00 upfront or $65.00 per session*
*Private health fund rebates are also available if covered for OT services.
*Medicare EPC sessions accepted.
*HCWA funding available.

Bookings are essential - phone, email or Click Here to secure your place.

We are also looking at doing sessions for 7-10 year old children so if you are interested in this please send us an email:

Essential Oils - Make and Take Workshop

Saturday 7th November | 11.30am - 1.30pm | ASD Healthy Life

Come and join us for a little oily fun learning how to make natural easy remedies: insect repellent, itchy bite cream, cleaning products, and much more. Great opportunity to learn how to naturally heal, while preparing some great homemade gift ideas for Xmas.

Bookings essential $60 per person
Secure your spot today by calling 4953 0787 or email

After School Activities - FREE Info Session

Saturday 10th October | 10.00am - 11.00am | ASD Healthy Life

Do you need help selecting sports and after school activities that suit your child's development - socially, physically & intellectually?...

Hannah Ritchie - ASDHL's Paedeatric Occupational Therapist, Parents will be here to assist you on how to start with fun achievable activities for kids with differences. Come join us for a fun filled session to help and guide you to activities your kids can get the most out of, from building friendships, to music, to life skills and everything in between.

Bookings essential Limited seats
Secure your spot today by calling 4953 0787 or email

Magical Music

Sat 1st August, 2015  |  ASD Healthy Life

Have fun, test skills and MAKE SOME MUSIC
Have a break and allow your child to let loose with us at ASD Healthy Life. While you relax in the practice or run  some errands, we will have some fun exploring and challenging different childhood skills.

Ages 6-9 years: 10:00am – 12:30pm 
Ages 10-12 years: 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Cost: $65.00 per child
Bookings essential: Call 4953 0787 or Email :

Produced and run by Paediatric Occupational Therapist & Piano Teacher, Hannah Ritchie

Other Info:
*Fee inclusive of resources for workshop.
*Children to bring morning/afternoon tea.
*Parents/carers must sign a consent form before leaving child/children at premises.

Shopping Tours

Thu 30th March 2017  
11am to 1pm | ASD Healthy Life

Are you struggling to make the right choices for your particular dietary theory?...
Do you want to learn about what's really in your food and how to make better choices for you and/or your family?...
Would you like someone to walk through the Supermarket with you?...

Then Don't Delay... Book your tour today!!

Boost your confidence, book your 2 Hour Shopping Tour
Nurtitional Therapist and Integrative Health Coach has first hand experience
Numbers are limited - Bookings are essential

Click here to discuss a Shopping Tour near you.
Payment will confirm your place

Call 0417 550 411 or Email:

Understanding Childhood Development Conditions: A Sensory Perspective

Saturday 29th August | 9:15am – 3.30pm | ASD Healthy Life

Is the diagnostic criteria for childhood conditions like reading the paper in another language???

Come join us for an informative workshop where we put it all in PLAIN ENGLISH!!

For Teachers, Child Care Workers, Health Professionals, Community Respite Workers and Parents/Carers
*Certificate provided – claimable of 6 hours professional development

- Understand the updated diagnostic criteria of a number of Pervasive Development Disorders (including Autism) and ADHD.
- Understand the physiology of sensory processing.
- Understand the cause and science behind a meltdown, what it looks like and its effects on quality of life.
- Experience sensory overload first hand.
- Explain and utilise desensitisation.
- Understand the link between sensory processing activities of daily living.

Bookings essential $100 per person
Secure your spot today by calling 4953 0787 or email

Free Info Session - Understanding Funding Options

Saturday 5th September | 10am - 11am | ASD Healthy Life

Are you aware of all the funding options available to your family?
Have you or a loved one received a Diagnosis?
Do you care for someone with a disability or medical condition?

Find out what Funding / Support / Resources are available in the community.

Picky Eater / Lunch Box Cooking Workshop

Sat 12th Sept |  11.30am - 1.30pm  |  ASD Healthy Life

Parents are often worried about their child’s nutrition.  With busy lives we often get stumped for Lunchbox Ideas. Don't miss this opportunity to work with Professionals with first hand experience. Bio Individual Nutrition Practitioners & Paediatric Occupational Therapist provide you with the visuals, see them in action, taste the food and take home the knowledge and strategies to make changes NOW!.

Cost: $20.00 if paid via phone or instore
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