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Here a just a few of our clients success stories, we are so thrilled that we have been able to help them, the results that they have seen have been amazing.
Biomedical intervention offers real hope for families struggling with Autism.  The results can be miraculous including full recovery.  And at least, they ensure the individual is working towards optimal health with a healthier immune and digestive system.   This requires a team of skilled professionals and committed carers.  

The best place to start is with an experienced carer like Rhonda Muller who has first hand experience in recovering her son with a combination of diet, nutritional medicine, behavioral and natural therapies.  Rhonda possesses the intelligence, drive and passion to share her knowledge with others determined to give their loved one a future of health and happiness! 
Leslie Embersits, Director - Mindd Foundation
We have noticed a massive difference in Hannah's personality... like she has had a big shift in coming out of her shell and is just talking so much as well as lots and lots of pretend play! She has also decreased in self-harming, her mood is improving, she is loving music and she is able to say sorry to her sister and the girls are fighting less, and more tolerant of each others behaviours.
The other massive change that we had not expected is with our eldest daughter Emily, previously referred to an ENT specialist for removal of her adenoids... she was a very heavy sleeper and snorer, so much so, that we had been unsuccessful in night training her and her behavior and concentration was suffering due to constantly having disrupted sleep from heavy snoring.
Since switching to a dairy and gluten free diet, she has stopped snoring entirely and has started to wake up to go to the toilet! 
Basically no asthma/croup this winter and off preventers  /  Reduction in picky eating  /  Cooking more and building confidence in the kitchen  /  Not craving as many sweet foods  /  Kids are picking out healthy recipes they like  /  Big difference with Zoe eating more variety with her foods  /  Bowels have improved  /  Starting to feel better  /  Not as tired  /  Family a lot more healthy  /  Learning to relax more

Susan Craven
ASD Healthy Life gave me the support I needed to make dietary changes. None of us have been sick for ages! Learning so much. Loving the support, I think the support is the key. Now more aware of toxins in household. De-cluttering my home and removing all chemicals from our cleaning and body care products. I am also more aware of the importance of looking after me.
I achieved lots of knowledge on things I can buy from the supermarket despite ...being Gluten & Dairy Free. ASD Healthy Life gave me confidence that I am making the right choices for my family. Whole family noticed health improvement, less irritable children
If you have recently been given a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder for your child, you probably do not know where to go or who to turn to next.  My best advice is to SEEK ADVICE  - not from your doctor, paediatrician or health care professional but from a real parent who has experienced the same real challenges.   

Rhonda is the parent I turned to who offered me not only a supportive, lending ear, but expert advice on biomedicines, diet, doctors, resources (including books, web addresses, chat sites) services and funding available to children on the spectrum.  Rhonda knows the what, when, how, why and who of ASD because she truly has lived in, learned from and loved throughout this mystifying world of uncertainty known as Autism.
It's worth looking into everyone, can't tell you enough how much these ladies have helped me and my family. They do e-Books too if you don't live close or are too busy to attend. They will change your life not just your diet! 

I am really grateful that I got to attend your Gluten-free & Casein-free Program. I found the program very informative. I did know a little as I am an avid Googler and have been researching different diets for some time now. However, I was feeling a little overwhelmed as there are so many options: SCD, GAPS, FODMAP, Paleo... I think the GF & CF Program is a really great place to start. It was good to be reminded of some things that I had already read about regarding nutrition and health. It was great to learn some really key things (key for my situation) about Serotonin, Melatonin and the Gut-Brain Connection. 

I think your program is user-friendly and makes starting out on a GF & CF lifestyle seem easy. It is good to be reminded of sensible things like surrounding yourself with people who support you and taking time to look after yourself and pursue some leisure activities. I found the supermarket tour very helpful as it will save me a lot of time reading labels having been pointed in the right direction of the stuff we can have. I think that is what really stands out for me: the focus on what you can have, not what you can't have


Approx 18mths ago our youngest son was diagnosed with Aspergers (a form of Autism) and our journey began, we madly searched the internet as we all do these days for how we could help him.  We knew after our research that we wanted our approach to be biomedical our only problem was that the practitioners we were seeing didn’t share our view, even though with what we had learnt and implemented we had seen dramatic improvement. Our little man went from being a loner and not socialising, being withdrawn in his only little world, sensitive to noise, touch and taste, to wanting socialisation, his sensitivity to noise has lessened dramatically and he really doesn’t have an issue any more with touch and his ability to cope with the world has improved every day.

We were extremely lucky to be introduced to Rhonda from ASD Healthy Life through a friend and she has assisted us to get in front of the right practitioners and to have ongoing support on a regular basis to ensure that everything we put in place is working and if not what step next to take.  ASD children are all so different and require a very specialised one on one treatment plan and ASD Healthy Life has definitely provided that for our little man and the whole family.  We are resurrecting his health one day at a time with the support and guidance of ASD Healthy Life.  Our little man is now in a mainstream school, doing very well, loving the school experience, which is something we initially thought, would not be possible for him.

Through the work we are doing for our son with ASD Healthy Life our whole family has benefited our families long term health is in check and is always going to be.

Hi , I attended a gluten and Dairy free course this year with ASD Healthy Life . I loved all the very practical and easy ideas and recipes. Maree and Rhonda were brilliant presenters ,they answered all my questions ,the group sessions were friendly and someone always asked a question that I didn't think of (very useful).

My highlight was the supermarket visit where I learnt about many more products and preparation ideas for my family, the recipe and cooking demonstrations were awesome and tasted so nice . I can highly recommend any of the courses run by ASD Healthy life and I will be attending a different one this coming year
Rhonda and her team at ASD Healthly Life are AMAZING. We are still in the early stages of helping our son with his health problems but without Rhonda's extensive health knowledge and support well I am scared to think what things would be like. We are making progress and I have HOPE that our little darling will reach a better way of life then if we didn't do anything. 

Rhonda can guide you on nutritional changes that trully make a difference to your whole family and also has an extensive network of health professionals that she can put you intouch with if needed. She also knows how important it is to support the mummy as she has had first hand experience dealling with her own family's health problems. Just make a phone call to Rhonda, she is very friendly and will be able to help