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About Us

ASD Healthy Life is your first point of contact, providing support, functional medicine and nutritional therapy.  We also offer nutrition plans for the individual whilst helping families navigate the health system by sourcing the right health professionals, funding etc for their particular needs. 

Health & Wellness Solutions

• Childhood Health & Development
• Women's Health & Pregnancy
• Men's health & Fitness
• Autoimmune & Mental Health

We pride ourselves in working with the best Professionals for your particular needs.  Working along side Specialised GP's, Paediatricians etc to ensure easy transition of information.  

BioIndividual Nutrition is the science and clinical application of diet and nutrition intervention that is customised to the unique needs of an individual.

We deliver Integrated Health, Nutrition Support by focusing on factors that reduce reliance on methods which only address symptoms (such as pharmaceuticals and surgery).

Most chronic health conditions have underlying imbalances in immune, digestive, cellular and detoxification function. Factors that can make some people very sensitive to foods and chemicals - even seemingly healthy foods can cause irritability, hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and pain: an can exacerbate oxidative stress and inflammation and deplete underlying biochemical pathways.  ASD Healthy Life understands the role of food and nutrient deficiencies is crucial to our clients health and wellbeing.  If food reactions and dietary issues are not addressed, your overall healing may be ineffective.

By providing ongoing education, we aim to help families to develop their skills towards healthy living and homes. 

Our services include:

• Nutrition
• Functional Medicine
• Allergy Friendly Foods & Products
• Supplements
• Shopping Tours
• Seminars

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda Muller - Founder/Owner of ASD Healthy Life

Diploma Holistic Health and Nutrition (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
MINDD Practitioner  |  Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner
Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs (MAPS)

Rhonda’s commitment to supporting families arose after her children and her own health was failing.  There were many underlying health & development conditions... Asthma, eczema, seizure, anxety, food & chemical sensitivities, constant ear, nose & throat infections, digestive issues plus so much more!!  With a combination of diet, nutritional medicine, behavioural, main stream and natural therapies, the health & development of the whole family have increased 10 fold.

Rhonda is a Professional with first hand experience. She's been where you are now. Rhonda’s passion is to provide ongoing support and education to parents on how to naturally recover the health of not only your children but you too.

Contact Rhonda:  
P:  0417 550 411

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